Howard Miller Clocks!

Believe it or not, Grandfather clocks were all the rage once upon a time! Few sites recognize the beauty of these timepieces, and even fewer sell modern versions of the Grandfather clock. Think of the Grandfather clocks you’ve had or seen and share your memories in the comments section below.

Howard Miller clocks is a premier “brick and mortar” store based in New York. They have been dealers in Clocks and Watches of all kinds — from Antique American, British, French & German clocks and watches, to new clocks and watches by recognized names such as Howard Miller, Seth Thomas, Hermle, Chelsea Clock and Movado. They have also specialized in clock and watch restoration and repair, from the largest tower clocks to miniature clocks and watches.

While browsing through their store, I especially loved their Howard Miller City Center Grandfather clock. It kinda reminds you of a Victorian England, one of those clocks which were placed on the main streets. I think that such a clock would be an awesome addition to anyone’s living room.

When purchasing your time pieces, you should consider exactly what type of mood you want to set in a particular room. That will determine, for instance, whether you should purchase contemporary clocks or traditional clocks, where you should put them, and what model they should be. It will determine whether the clocks are made of wood, metal, crystal or some other fascinating material and even whether they should have chimes. You can learn more about Contemporary Clocks Versus Traditional Clocks in this blog post here

So come and check out more grandfather clocks at 1-800-4clocks

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