2008 NFL Draft Order

2008 NFL Draft orderWith the playoffs set to begin tomorrow, for 20 other teams and their fans, it is already time to look forward to next year and next season and to start dreaming of the championship parade and Super Bowl trophies. For those fans, here is the 2008 NFL Draft Order. The 2008 NFL Draft will be held on April 26 – 27.

The Miami Dolphins courtesy their 1-15 regular season record will make the first choice in the 2008 NFL draft. The Miami Dolphins are followed by the St. Louis Rams and then Atlanta Falcons or Oakland Raiders. These two teams had the same record and also the same strength of schedule in the 2007 season. So this tie break for third spot in the 2008 NFL draft will be decided by coin toss at the NFL combine in February. If Atlanta wins, the Falcons will draft third, the Raiders fourth, and the Chiefs fifth. If the Raiders win the coin flip, they will draft third, and the Falcons and Chiefs will flip a coin to determine the fourth and fifth positions.

Oh and can you believe this years overwhelming favorites to win the Super Bowl, the New England Patriots will be drafting in the 7th spot because of their trade with the San Fransisco 49ers last year. The rich get even richer!

Though Buffalo and Denver had the same strength-of-schedule, their tie for the 11th and 12th positions was broken by the conference tie-breaker. Since Denver defeated Buffalo in head-to-head competition, Buffalo is given priority in the draft order and will select in the 11th position.

Chicago and Detroit also had the same strength-of-schedule. Their tie for the 14th and 15th positions was broken by the divisional tiebreaker. Since the Lions defeated the Bears twice in head-to-head competition, Chicago is given priority and will select in the 14th position.

Since Cleveland is not in the playoffs, the Browns (who traded the selection to Dallas) have priority in the draft ahead of playoffs teams with the same record.

Within a tied segment, non-playoff clubs are given priority over playoff clubs. Priority of playoff clubs within a tied segment will be based on their advancement in the playoffs, but they will not drop out of their tied segment unless they participate in the Super Bowl.

2008 NFL Draft Order

1. Miami (1-15)
2. St. Louis (3-13)
3T. Atlanta (4-12)
3T. Kansas City (4-12)
3T. Oakland (4-12)
6. New York Jets (4-12)
7. New England (from San Francisco) (5-11)
8. Baltimore (5-11)
9. Cincinnati (7-9)
10. New Orleans (7-9)
11. Buffalo (7-9)
12. Denver (7-9)
13. Carolina (7-9)
14. Chicago (7-9)
15. Detroit (7-9)
16. Arizona (8-8)
17. Minnesota (8-8)
18. Houston (8-8)
19. Philadelphia (8-8)

Ranking of below teams subject to results of playoffs

20. Tampa Bay (9-7)
21. Washington (9-7)
22. Dallas (from Cleveland) (10-6)
23. Seattle (10-6)
24. Pittsburgh (10-6)
25. Tennessee (10-6)
26. New York Giants (10-6)
27. San Diego (11-5)
28. Jacksonville (11-5)
29. Green Bay (13-3)
30. San Francisco (from Indianapolis) (13-3)
31. Dallas (13-3)
32. New England (pick forfeited) (16-0)