The Greatest NFL Team Ever, New England Patriots

Greatest NFL TeamThe greatest team ever? Should the New England Patriots finish off their perfect season in Super Bowl XLII, and the and complete an unprecedented 19-0 run at the expense of the New York Giants today, they will become the Greatest NFL team ever.

Jimmy Johnson among them.

“I never thought in today’s football that it would ever happen,” admits the Fox broadcaster, who himself coached one of the best teams of the modern era in Dallas in the early 1990s. “If they win the game against the Giants, I don’t think anybody is close to them as far as the greatest coaching job and the greatest team that has played the game.

“Nobody, including the Dolphins (17-0 in 1972), can say they accomplished what the Patriots will have accomplished if they go 19-0.”

The Contenders for the Greatest NFL Team Ever

• Vince Lombardi’s Green Bay Packers: Five NFL titles in seven seasons, including victories in the first two Super Bowls.

• Don Shula’s Miami Dolphins: Three consecutive Super Bowl appearances, with victories in the last two, the first of which capped their flawless run , a 17 – 0 record.

• Chuck Noll’s Pittsburgh Steelers: Four championships and an unfortunate near miss over six seasons.

• The Bill Walsh-George Seifert San Francisco 49ers: Five Super Bowl wins in five tries, albeit over 14 seasons.

• Jimmy Johnson with Dallas Cowboys: Three championships in four seasons.

Bill Belichick with New England Patriots: Three SuperBowls (2001, 2003, 2004) and 2007 capping a perfect 19 – 0 record.

Tom Brady on SI

Predictions for Super Bowl 42

The Patriots will start with 4 wides and keep the no huddle going on till they get a cushion of around 3 touchdowns. They will then go into the tight formation, a steady dose of Laurence Maroney, screen passes and short passes over the middle to Wes Welker.

New England Patriots win 38 – 20 over the New York Giants.

Yes, they are that Good.

UPDATE: The New York Giants defeated the New England Patriots in one of the greatest Super Bowl upsets, defeating the Patriots 17 – 14. Congratulations to the New York Giants.