The Superbowl curse lives on. New England Patriots miss playoffs

Some people belive in jinxes and curses and all that. Others don’t. However, it is getting pretty hard to ignore one curse which centers around the Superbowl or rather the losers of the Superbowl. No one believed the curse would hold any water this year for the New England Patriots who were a perfect 16-0 last season before losing in the SuperBowl. However 9 minutes into the season, they lose last year’s MVP Tom Brady. Over the course of the season they lost several other prominent starters on offense and defense. However, they chugged along to a 11-5 record and became the only team since 1985 Dever Broncos to miss the playoffs despite a pretty good 11-5 record.  So, what is the superbowl curse.

Superbowl curse: The loser of the premier National Football League event the Superbowl, does not make the playoffs the following season. Let us recap the events over the past decade.

2008: New England Patriots (lost to the New York Giants 14-17 in Superbowl 42)

2007: Chicago Bears (lost to Indianapolis Colts 17-29 in Superbowl 41)

2006: Seattle Seahawks (only exception to the curse. Make the playoffs despite losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers 10-21)

2005: Philadelphia Eagles (lost to New England Patriots 21-24 in Superbowl 39)

2004: Carolina Panthers (lost to New England Patriots 29-32 in Superbowl 38)

2003: Oakland Raiders(lost to Tampa Bay Buccaneers 21-48 in Superbowl 37)

2002: St.Loius Rams(lost to New England Patriots 17-20 in Superbowl 36)

2001: New York Giants (lost to Baltimore Ravens 7-34 in Superbowl 35)