How to Add Voting Options in an Email Message

You can now use Voting Buttons in your email message to get a response from your intended recipient or recipients of your email using Outlook. This Voting button option in Outlook is very handy when you are trying to decide upon a meeting time or anything else to determine where your email recipient(s) are leaning. You can even use Outlook to do the grunt work for you and tally the votes for you.

So, if FaceBook or IM is not an option for you and you wish to decide where to meet up after school or after work, then use the Email Voting Option provided through Outlook or Outlook Express Email

How to insert Email Voting Buttons into your Email message

Step # 1: Create your New Email Message

Step # 2: Select the Options tab

Step # 3: Select Use Voting Buttons option

Step # 4: Under Voting Buttons, you have four options to choose from. They are Approve; Reject, Yes;No , Yes;No;Maybe and finally Custom

Add voting options to your email

Step # 5: Make sure your email is formatted in a way that you are asking a question and click Send

Note: When your recipient(s) get the email, they will see a highlighted line of text saying Vote by Clicking Vote in this Infobar and selecting your choice from the menu.

Vote option in an email using Outlook 

When they click the Highlighted section, they will see the list of Voting options to select from. After they select their choice, a confirmation message will appear giving them the choice of sending their selection or editing their selection before sending

How to get a Tally of the Votes in the Email Voting Option

Once your recipients start replying, you could tally the votes yourself where you see a Yes;No;Maybe option of the recipient beside their name or you could let Outlook do the grunt work especially if your message went to a large group of people.

Step #1: Go to your Sent Items

Step # 2: Open the email message that had the voting button option

Step # 3: Go to the Highlight section on the top. Click and then select View Voting Responses

View voting responses in outlook