How to protect and hide your important files, documents,pictures and videos in Windows

Have you ever felt the need to hide or prevent access to some of your files whether they are document files or movie files or even your hidden stash of porno videos. So you are going home to Christmas and you have this snoopy brother who likes to prowl your laptop. So, how do you make sure that your secret files remain a secret. We will share with you a simple trick without the need to download any external tools or applications.

Prestep: Before we proceed, open any folder or Windows Explorer. Then, go to Tools, Folder Options, View and uncheck Hide extensions for known filetypes.

How to hide extensions for known filetypes

Scenario # 1: Here, we want to hide a video

Step #1: Right click on your movie file. Now, rename it to something else say win32exec.exe and dump this file in your Windows/system 32 folder.

Step #2: Notice, if you double click on this file, nothing happens. But say you have VLC Media player, and then you drag and drop this renamed exe file you just created, you can happily watch your movie file. Instead of an exe, you can also rename it to say .jpeg or .doc or anything. Just make sure that whenever you want to open such a file, you right click, open with and then open with your choice of media player.

Scenario # 2: You have this confidential file/document

Notepad file

Now, right click and change the file to say .jpg. Once the file extension is changed, if you try to launch it using your default picture viewer, Windows errors out as shown in the picture below

Change .txt to .jpg file extension