How to Use Daemon Tools, a Free Virtual CD, DVD and Disk Emulator

 DAEMON Tools is the leading disk image emulator which can be used to mount images of a CD or DVD on virtual drives.

Advantages of using DAEMON Tools:

1. Using such a disk image emulator means that you don’t have to swap disks if you wish to run different programs
3. DAEMON tools lets you bypass a lot of copyright restrictions in game CD’s or DVD’s. DAEMON Tools enables users to run games and other programs on their laptops without requiring them to bring an entire library of CD or DVD media around with them, which is safer and more convenient.2. With the need to contantly swap disks, you eliminate the possibility of scratching of the disc.

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4. Several disk images can be loaded at once, which can be useful for installing or using software that ships on multiple discs and requires shuffling between them during use.

DAEMON Tools supports the following image files:

* cue/bin
* iso
* ccd (CloneCD)
* bwt (Blindwrite)
* mds (Media Descriptor File)
* cdi (Discjuggler)
* nrg (Nero)
* pdi (Instant CD/DVD)
* b5t (BlindWrite 5)

Installation of DAEMON Tools (for all Operating Systems)

Step # 1: Download Daemon tools from Daemon tools download site

Download the latest version of DAEMON Tools (v 4.09.1 released April 16, 2007)

Step # 2: Open Daemon.exe and click Install

Step # 3: Follow the on-screen instructions. You maybe required to reboot your computer before running DAEMON Tools. After reboot, a SCSI controller will be added

How to Mount an Image using DAEMON Tools

1. Right-click on the DAEMON Tools trayicon
2. Select Virtual CD/DVD-ROM
3. Select Device
4. Click Mount
5. Browse and select the image you wish to mount
6. Click OK or double-click on the file to mount

Potential for copyright infringement

Though they have many legitimate uses, a potential use of emulation tools such as this one is to copy copy-protected material, which may violate copyright law. To curb the act of copyright infringement, the authors of emulation tools usually state that they do not endorse copyright infringement and that their tools should not be used for that purpose.

Some software publishers, particularly game publishers, go to great lengths to try to disable or frustrate DAEMON Tools. For example, some games will check to see if the driver for DAEMON Tools is loaded, and if so will take some action, such as refusing to run, or uninstalling the toolset (even if the game was bought legally). Typically, as such copy protections are deployed, new versions of DAEMON Tools are released. For example, revision 4.06 randomizes the name of the virtual driver installed by the software.

Warning: The author or AskStudent do not endorse using Daemon Tools for Copyright infrigement. Obtaining or distributing copyright content is against the law. Please use legal means to play the games or run the software you need.