Online Time Tracker using TimeTracker for Firefox

Are you one of those people like me who are always online so much that you cannot get anything done? Well, now there is an online time tracker which you can use to keep track of how much time you spend online.  Keep track of how much you browse with TimeTracker. …

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Unlike some other online time trackers which track just the time your browser was open or in this case Firefox was open, TimeTracker is much more advanced. For example, if you are watching a movie or you are coding in Visual Studio even if you have Firefox open, TimeTracker stops the timer.

Features of TimeTracker for firefox:
– Tracks browsing time across sessions
– Reset counter (new! right click on the clock and click Reset)
– Pauses automatically when you stop browsing
– Pause toggle (per Window)
– List ‘work’ sites that should not count
– Animated clock
– Tooltip showing total time today, since last reset and since installing.

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