Open Command Prompt Here Window on a Folder in Windows Vista

If you find yourself switching back and forth between your Windows Explorer and Command Prompt shell, especially for a power user of Windows who needs to run tasks and operations that require the use of the Command Prompt window.

The quick and easy way is running cmd.exe from the Run Command but this goes to the default folder and you may have to change folders to say your Visual Studio folder where you wish to complile code using your command prompt.

Here is a tip that will enable you to open a command prompt window to a specific location using Windows Vista

Step # 1: Open Windows Explorer and browse to the required folder .. say your Visual Studio folder

Step # 2: If you right click on the folder to see the context menu, you can see that there is no option for opening command prompt

Windows Vista right click context menu

Step # 3: Now, hold the SHIFT key while you press right-click on the folder. Observe that you can see an extra context sensitive menu item here : Open Command Prompt Here.

Open command window here in windows vista

Just click on this menu and Vista will launch a command window with the current working directory.

Before Open Command Prompt was built into Windows Vista, the previous versions of Windows had a Windows XP powertoy that did this.