5 Ways to Sleep Better: Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

A  quality night sleep is  essential for everybody to have a productive and effective day. what works for one person might not work for the other person. Every individual needs to have a custom built prescription for a sound and good quality sleep.  You should have a fixed schedule of sleep and wake up time to have a refreshed and energised day instead of having the same number of hours of sleep at different times and on different nights.  Here are 5 simple and easyTips to sleep better tips that can help you have a good night sleep.

1. The bed should be used only for sleeping.  Set the thermostat to your body requirement, avoid bright light in the bedroom during night.

2. Avoid rich and fatty food:   Have a light dinner  one hour before sleep so that the consumed food gets digested, and do not under or over eat food. Under eating or over eating is a bad stimulant for a good night sleep. The dinner should be packed with enough supplements and avoid having spicy or fatty food. A glass of milk at bedtime is a good stimulant for inducing sleep.

3. If your day was filled with high level of stress, try doing yoga for about 5 to 10 min to de-stress yourself before hitting the bed.

4. Ensure you go to bed at a fixed time everyday. Avoid watching television channels before sleep time as that will activate your brain, instead go for some light music. The brain should be de-activated from the days workout and should start entering the sleep mode at least  30-60 min before sleep.

5. If you happen to wake up in the middle of the night, instead of tossing and taking turns in the bed get up drink some water, walk for a few minutes or do something which is light, like deep breathing, which can be done in the bed itself and then try to go to sleep. If a great idea or anxious schedule for the next day is  keeping you awake make a note of the same on a piece of paper knowing that you can be much more productive when done in the morning after a good night sleep. If it is still  not working remind yourself that if not a sleep rest and relaxation  also help in rejuvenating the body.