Firefox and Internet Explorer tweaks for faster net access and browsing

This guide will show you how to make subtle changes in your favorite web browser whether it is Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer for faster internet access and faster net browsing and reduce web page loading times. The tweaks we will be making will result in increasing the maximum simultaneous connections per page.

Mozilla Firefox Tweaks for faster browsing

Step # 1: Open Mozilla Firefox. Type about:config in the address bar.

About config in Firefox

Step # 2: Filter for ‘network‘ in the filter bar

Filter for network in firefox about config

Step # 3: Scroll down. Double click on network.http.pipelining at set it to TRUE

Step # 4: Double click on network.http.pipelining.maxrequests and change the default value of 4 to a higher value like 10

Changing network pipeline requests in Firefox


Internet Explorer Tweaks for faster browsing

Step # 1: Goto Start –> Run and type in regedit

Open Regedit in Microsoft Windows

Step # 2: Select HKEY_CURRENT_USER and expand Software –> Microsoft –> Windows –> Current Version and then select Internet Settings

Step # 3: MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server and MaxConnectionsPerServer are used to indicate the maximum number of connectons per page. Change the value of these two to a value of 10 decimal or hex ‘a’.

Change max connections per server in Internet Explorer