How to Backup and Rip DVDs using DVD Shrink

In this article, we will learn how to backup and rip DVDs using the popular DVD ripping tool called DVDShrink.If you never heard of DVD Shrink, it is the most popular software on the internet to backup and rip your DVD disks.

DVD Shrink also lets you modify or shrink a large DVD into a manageable size allowing you to burn it to a recordable DVD -R disk. In case the DVD you are trying to make a backup of, has in built encryption which prevents you from making a backup of the DVD, DVD Shrink’s inbuilt decryption algorithms overcome this problem.If you have a DVD that is restricted to only play in a certain region, you can use DVD Shrink to make it region free

So, let us get started and learn how to how backup and burn DVDs using DVD Shrink.

Step 1: The first thing we will do is download and install DVD Shrink. You can download DVD Shrink from their official source ( or from Softpedia.

Step 2: Place your DVD in the CD/DVD tray of your computer and run DVD Shrink. Next, click on Open Disk


Step 3: DVD Shrink will perform a quick analysis of the DVD you are trying to rip. Note: It may take couple of minutes for DVD Shrink to perform this analysis


Step 4: Once DVD Shrink is done with the analysis, you will see the entire DVD structure of the DVD you are tyring to rip on the left hand side and the compression settings on the right. For the purposes of this tutorial, we will keep the compression settings to automatic.


Step 5: Next, click on the Backup! button. You will be given the option to select the location of your DVD rip. Once you hit OK, the backup DVD will begin