How to instantly chill and cool down a soda or a beer can

instant chilling of a beer or pop Adam Savage (MythBuster) who did an awesome mold making article in MAKE 08 chimed in on an Ask Mefi coke cooling question, here’s how to cool down that soda, fast.

1. Put the can in a freezer ( time : 20 -25 minutes )

2. Put the can in a bucket of ice ( time to freeze: 10 – 15 minutes)

3. Put the can in a bucket of ice filled with water ( time to freeze: 4- 6 minutes)

4. Put the can in a bucket of ice. Fill it with water. Pour salt in that water. (Chill time : 1-2 minutes)

5. Put the can in a bucket of ice. Fill it with water. Pour salt in that water. Agitate the can in the water, roll it around, stir the bucket. ( Chill time :< 1 minute)

So there you go…

The fastest possible way is to grab a CO2 fire extinguisher and unload that sucker on the can. However, we would recommend that you don’t do it this way but go through the salt way.

Whatever you do, do NOT bury the can in sand, pour gasoline on the sand and set the sand on fire. That won’t do anything.

This is all empirically gained evidence, not third party.” [via] – Link.

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