How to receive a clearer iPod FM signal in your car

If you are like me, then you might be using some version of the Apple iPod, a mini or a nano. You want to listen to your tunes in your car, so you go to the nearest Best Buy or Circuit City to pick up an iTrip or any other FM transmitter. I personally have the iPod Mini and use a Griffin RoadTrip allowing me to play my music through any FM radio in my car, at a party, or wherever the mood strikes me.

The RoadTrip transmitter can then be set to broadcast iPod’s music to any FM frequency from 88.1 to 107.9. Its backlit screen shows which frequency RoadTrip is currently broadcasting -and can easily be adjusted via buttons located directly on the front of the unit.

However, if you live close to a major city like me in LA, the FM transmitter’s signal is not often the strongest. You might find a station that is clear for a while, but seconds later you are listening to some country music station instead of Metallica blasting through your car’s speakers.

Here is a simple tip from MacOsXhints on how to receive a clearer iPod transmitter signal. Remove your car’s antenna. You will now be able to pick any radio station to broadcast the iTrip or Roadtrip through, without a worry of competing signals.

Another tip which is not that well documented is that you can you can get the iTrip to broadcast on 87.7 and 87.9 both of which are technically below US FM frequencies. With the iPod playing and the iTrip is turned on, press and hold the Select button for about 10 seconds. The display should start flashing US. Scroll up or down to change the display to INTL. Select that mode and you should have access to the new frequencies. It works on the iTrip but not all other Griffin models.