How to use your Android phone for International Travel

 If you have a Google Nexus 4 or any phone powered by Google Android and wish to use the phone while you are travelling internationally, there are couple things to keep in mind so that you do not get charged data fees and roaming fees by your carrier.

Disable Data roaming on your Android phone

Go to Settings, Wireless & networks, Mobile Networks and then uncheck the box for Data roaming (connect to data services when roaming)

  • Disable background application sync

Go to Settings, Accounts & sync and then uncheck the box for Background data. If you had Auto-sync enabled, that should grey out as well.

  • Disable use of GPS on your Android phone

Go to Settings, Location & security and then uncheck the box for Use GPS satellites (when locating, accurate to street level)

  • Disable location tracking by Google Search

Go to Settings, Privacy and then uncheck the box for Use My Location (Use My Location for Google search results and other Google services)

  • Disable automatic date and time update

Go to Settings, Date & time and then uncheck the box for Automatic (use network-provided values). Make sure to change to local time of the country of travel.

  • Disable Google Search settings personalization

Go to Settings, Search, Google search settings and uncheck the box for Show web suggestions (show suggestions from Google as you type). The Search history (show personalized search history for your email address) option should be greyed out.

One other highly recommended option is to subscribe to a Google Voice number and use it for call forwarding and voice mail forwarding when travelling internationally with your Android phone.