Paintball Tips

In a game like paintball, it’s crucial to have good aim. Withoutit, in a game where the enemy must be eliminated, a loss is certainwithout hitting targets. Good aim is a skill that is mastered overtime, but it is a skill that can be honed from the beginning. There are some ways to practice aim prior to hitting the field. For those that have their own equipment, here are some drills to do from the backyard:

Hanging targets: Hang some targets, such as cans or bottles, from strings on tree branches, clothesline poles and other sturdy objects. The idea in this is that the targets will be of height of opponents in different positions. Let the wind be a natural obstacle, as it will mimic the opponent moving. If this becomes easy, move back a few steps, further to one side or another, or choose smaller targets. This is a surefire way to build aiming skills.

Point Game: This is almost like solitaire for the paintball fanatic. Set upsome different size targets in an area. Put a can here, a piece of wood there, and old doll over yonder, etc. Assign point values to each of them, and then load the gun with only a certain amount ofballs. (Kind of reminiscent of that amusement park shooting rangegame, where players fire at objects that begin to move or makenoise, such as a piano player or a rocking chair….) Players should first set a goal of a certain score they hope to achieve. Once the round is fired off, add up the points. If the goal is met, congratulations! If not, practice makes perfect! Tryagain! This could be implemented to play between several people who would like to practice, each shooting a round and whoever hasthe highest score wins. While trying to reach a goal, this methodof practicing also builds aiming skills.

Obstacle Course: Since shooting while moving is sometimes a necessity, aiming on themove also become something that needs to be practiced. For a more advanced way of practicing to hit objects, try moving at the sametime! Set up a small obstacle course with targets. Then, movethrough the course while shooting at the targets. Not only will this help aim, but also simply aid in getting the body used to moving through zigzags while using a weapon. Rushing is a quick way to get from point A to point B, and can be combined with crawling. Rushing should be kept on the short side,around three seconds, to keep the enemy from tracking players. To rush, a player will lift his or her head up from their current crawling position and scan the area for their next move. Then, they will lower their head, bring their arms and legs closerto the body and then quickly lift up and run to the next position,and get back into a crawl. This can be done several times to strategically get from part of the field to another in the quickest manner possible.

Moving With Stealth There are points where players will not be crawling near theground. But rather than just walking through the playing area,they should be moving with stealth. Moving with stealth means moving quietly, carefully and slowly. To move stealthily, the weapon should be held in the readyposition. Footing should be kept solid by putting the weight ofthe body on the foot that is currently touching the ground, andletting the toe hit the ground first and not letting the heal hit until the toe feels solid. Steps should be short to maintain balance, and the leg should be lifted high when there is high brush. So, when thinking about stealth, keep some other S’s in mind- slow,study and solid.

General Movement Tips

  • Player should camouflage himself and his weapon
  • Weapons should be taped up so they do not rattle when moved
  • Player should wear soft clothes that fit well to prevent making noises
  • Players should look for routes that are concealed and/or covered
  • Players should avoid areas with loose stone, such as a steephill
  • Players should watch out for alarmed animals, as an enemy could be nearby