Set Multiple Home pages in Firefox Browser

Most of us use Firefox having dumped Internet Explorer a long time ago. I use Firefox for the faster browsing speeds I get and plus it takes up less memory and not slow up my computer unlike Firefox. So Ryan at TechCounter gives us an awesome tip today on using Firefox.  If you are still stuck using Internet Explorer, you can now

Most of us go visit multiple websites in one session. Instead of going to them one after another like AskStudent, then CNN or or wherever your journeys might take you, how about a tip that could launch all of them in tabs whenever you open Firefox.

All you need to do is

Step # 1: Go to FireFox Tools menu.

Step # 2: Hit Options then under options select Main or General(for older versions of Firefox)

Step # 3: In the Homepage area, you can enter the addresses of multiple websites all seperated from one another by a pipe | as shown below. Here I set AskStudent, Google and TechCounter as my homepages

Set multiple home pages using Firefox