Best Airline Seats with most legroom on Airplanes

airline seat legroom

 Everyone knows that getting an exit row seat will result in more leg room and comfort and are considered the best airline seats. But NBC Travel Editor Peter Greenberg shows us that there are plenty of other airline seats that can be just as good.

Best Airline SeatsIf you are flying a Boeing 747 plane, the last row of seats are usually the best. They are only two across instead of the usual three and on long flights, if you don’t have anyone in front of you, you have more legroom. So, next time you are flying one of these, ask for seats 67K or 68K.

If you are flying on an American Airlines 767, ask for seats 17H or 17J which have better legroom and better recline. On International flights, these seats are usually reserved for the crew. On domestic flights, anyone can sit in them.

Another example of best airline seats is if you are flying on an American Airline 757, ask for seats 10F or 10A. These are not any other window seats because there are no seats 9F or 9A with more resulting legroom for you.

As always, if you don’t have a choice, try to choose the emergency exit seat or aisle seats.