McDonald’s Cashier Beating Customers Goes Viral on YouTube

A customer in New York’s Greenwich village McDonald’s captured a disturbing video of a McDonald’s cashier beating two female customers with a rod. The video was posted on YouTube and as of this posting already gathered over half a million views.

The video shows the two female customers jumping over the counter when they had an argument over their order. Rayon McIntosh, who was the cashier at the McDonald’s store, upon this tresspass picked up a rod and started beating them. One of the women suffered a broken arm and a fractured skull. Mr. McIntosh was charged with assault charges and also criminal posession of a weapon.

Warning: Some of you may find the following video disturbing

The video sparked an outage and a very good discussion around whether Rayon McIntosh’s actions fall under the category of self defense.

One of the users TheJay9002 posts

”¬†Are you serious? Two people assault a cashier for no reason, he defends himself and you’re crying about the fact they were women? Thats the problem with women, they all want equality until they actually get treated like any man would, then you start crying and demand society’s protection. I’m 5’8 and weigh about 180, would that mean I could jump across a counter and assault someone twice my size and you’d start screaming when he knocked me the **** out? No, you wouldn’t think twice about it.”

Another user aqualung disagrees saying

Excessive force. Women didn’t chase him to the back office.

What do you think? Was excessive force committed by the McDonald’s cashier or is it a case of self defense?