Microsoft designs the iPod and its casing spoof

This is an awesome video made by none other than Microsoft itself. As hard as it is to believe this Microsoft made this internal video mocking itself. Check out the pictures and the video at the end of this article. 

Round # 1: Make sure it’s on Brand and has something expressively Human

ex. Microsoft iPod 2006 Human Ear Edition or MS i-Pod Pro 2006 Human Ear Professional Edition with Subscription

Round # 2: FOB stands for Full of Bullets

Microsoft iPod

Round # 3: Stars and Stripes

MS iPod  

Round # 4: Spines and Sys Reqs and need to communicate the richness of the product

Round # 5: Back of the box… please insert product chart here

Watch the entire spoof of what would have happened had Microsoft been in charge of the iPod marketing and case design video …