Pretty cool ad : Lincoln MKZ

No we’re not talking about any actual dreams or aspirations of Abraham Lincoln, or even the man at all for that matter; We’re talking about the car brand and the new ads they’ve launched this past week-end to compliment their new “Advancing the American Dream” marketing and communications campaign which includes the brand’s new tag-line, “Reach Higher”.

“ Lincoln will use the ‘Dreams’ platform to speak to people achieving success on their own terms,” says Al Giombetti, President of Ford and Lincoln Mercury. “We will make ‘Dreams’ the Lincoln brand’s largest and most comprehensive marketing drive in more than a decade as we launch the Lincoln MKZ, our first all-wheel drive car, the Lincoln MKX, our first crossover and the most luxurious and refined Lincoln Navigator ever.”

“ Lincolns are the reward for people who are achieving their dreams, and they are seeking unique and elegant designs to celebrate their success,” continues Giombetti. “Our designers and engineers are inspired by this vision.”

There will be four commercials in the series debuting either this summer or this fall, depending on each commercial. They are described as follows:
Anthem”– A 60-second commercial that showcases a series of individuals expressing their personal dreams and aspirations. For instance, a business woman aspires to “get the corner office,” a little league baseball coach’s dream is to “slay dragons” for his team, and a corporate executive wants to “increase laughter output by 30-percent.” The spot ends with flashes of each of the new products, the 2007 Lincoln MKZ, Lincoln Navigator, and Lincoln MKX and the question, “Life’s calling, where to next?” This spot will begin airing over the weekend.

Hoops” – This spot stars NBA All-Star Dwyane Wade as he drives the redesigned Lincoln Navigator through an urban section of town and comes upon a make-shift basketball court with local kids looking up at the broken basketball hoop. Dwyane steps out of the Navigator to the amazement of the kids and calls them over to help pull out a new basketball hoop and enough basketballs for everyone. Once the hoop is set up, Dwyane pulls out a bike from the rear of the Navigator, throws the car keys to the coach, and you hear his voice say, “My dream is to leave the world better than I found it.” This spot will run concurrent with the Navigator arriving in dealerships in September.

Bounty”– This spot stars celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito driving a new Lincoln MKX along a beautiful country road, and he stops along the way at a cheese cellar and fishing wharf picking up the freshest food items available. As he continues on his way, Rocco and his sous-chef look over their bountiful food collection and as they smell the wonderful aroma, the panoramic Vista Roof TM opens and the voiceover states, “The all-new Lincoln MKX, beauty, luxury, and all the fresh air you could ever want.” Rocco’s dream statement is, “My dream is to offer the best of everything to everybody.” This spot will run concurrent with the launch of the Lincoln MKX later this year.

Ditch” – This spot for the Lincoln MKZ features the luxury sedan zipping out of the city onto an open road driving past a corn field. Suddenly the car comes to a stop; the driver puts the car in reverse, and backs up alongside a scarecrow. The voiceover states, “The new Lincoln MKZ with a 3.5-liter engine and all-wheel drive, it’ll take you on the ride of your life.” The car pulls away, and you see the scarecrow is now dressed in a suit and tie holding a briefcase and ringing cell phone. The driver now dressed in a plaid shirt and jeans, dreams, “My dream is to ditch the corner office.” This spot will run beginning in October to support the arrival of the Lincoln MKZ in dealer showrooms. Watch the first of the “Dream” TV commercials here This entry was posted on Monday, August 7th, 2006 at 3:09 pm and is filed under Automotive, Industry News. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

The text of the above ad is just beautiful and I must say inspirational. Lincoln definitely lives up to their Dream TV Commercial tag with this one

The text goes as follows:
My Dream … to go straight to the top
My Dream … is to conquer ignorance
My Dream … to get the corner office
My Dream … to ditch the corner office
My Dream … is to erase illiteracy
My Dream … is to rocket to the moon
My Dream … is to slay dragons
My Dream … is to increase output by 30%

It takes determination, commitment, passion, hard work, fearlessness.. it takes guts to make dreams come true. Lincoln.. reach higher