Top 5 Mozilla Firefox ad Campaigns

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Established in July 2003, The Mozilla Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving choice and promoting innovation on the Internet.  Firefox users and fans were always at the forefront in their effort to speak out for their favorite browser and express themselves in front of a worldwide audience.

The ad campaigns are usually promoted by Spread Firefox, a volunteer run Mozilla advocacy site, with over 50,000 registered members. During this phase of Firefox 1.0 promotion, community marketing into the mainstream was mainly through written testimonials.

#5: NY Times Spread Firefox Ad:

The Mozilla Foundation, places a two page ad in the December 16th 2004 edition of the New York Times. The ad, coordinated by Spread Firefox, features the names of thousands of people worldwide who contributed to the Mozilla Foundation’s fundraising campaign to support the launch of the Mozilla Firefox 1.0 web browser.

A year later after the NY Times Ad, Firefox 1.5 was released and during this phase, the Mozilla Foundation started a contest, promising prizes for users who submit the best homemade 30-second Firefox advertisements.

Firefox NY Times Ad

# 4. Protection through Firefox

This innovative ad signifies one of the main selling points of Firefox: Enhanced web protection which offers greater privacy, prevents pop-ups , spyware and viruses.

Firefox protection, condom ad

# 3: Firefox Crop Circle

This innovative ad for Firefox was the brainchild of the Linux Users Group. This is the same team that created a huge Firefox mural in the middle of the Oregon State University Quad and also launched a Balloon satellite to celebrate 100 million Firefox downloads which carried a Firefox banner upto 100,000 feet before exploding and parachuting back to the Earth.

The Crop Circle was completed in under 24 hours and when it was all said and done, had a final diameter of 220 feet. This crop circle was constructed in an oat field near Amity, Oregon with a team consisting of 12 people.

Firefox Crop Circle

#2. Wheeee!

Wheee! was created by Jeff Gill as part of the Firefox Flicks video contest at the San Francisco International Film Festival. This video came in second in this competition.

#1. Daredevil: Other browser is a surfboard

“Daredevil” was directed by Pete Macomber, who creates music videos, commercials and screenplays from his Venice, Ca. home when he is not out chasing waves. With “Daredevil,” Macomber captures, in documentary-style, the youthful energy and approach to life of a girl whose “other browser is a surfboard.” This video was also shortlisted for the NY Festival of Advertising’s 2006 International Advertising Awards.